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Meet Ashley, Your Kids' Life Coach


Helping Kids Access Their Genius Through

Brain-Body Coherence

How does life coaching work for kids?

Life coaching helps kids to identify with their brilliance and their strengths as a way to overcome challenges. Oftentimes, we pay more attention to developing what we call weaknesses and we neglect the power of developing our strengths. Life coaching helps kids develop their confidence to implement ideas, personalize and direct their learning experiences, and enjoy themselves and others in the process.

Does it work?

Yes! Parents and caregivers begin to notice changes in their children within a few weeks. Children and youth also notice a change in themselves.

What does your life coaching help kids do?

My approach helps kids create and apply their Flow State to inform their decision making, communication, and physical wellbeing. Flow State is the state of brain-body coherence for sense of well-being. With this sense of well-being, kids can strengthen their 5 Pillars of Well-Being. The 5 Pillars are sleep, meditation and stress management, movement (which includes breath work) emotions, and nutrition. My coaching style helps kids use their emotions as resources for unlocking their creative power. That way, they can experience emotional wellness as a support to our creativity - even when we experience challenges.

What Clients Are Saying

I get my homework done in 20 to 30 minutes now. It used to take me 2, 2 1/2 hours. I want to stay in life coaching until I am 14 (years old).

Amare N., 8-year-old Client

I experienced knowing myself more, discovering what I can achieve in a week. One thing I am taking away from life coaching is that people will know the real me, not just my ego.

Christian M., 13-year-old Client

My daughter is more confident, more relaxed. She is creating more balance in her emotions and she is communicating what she wants and needs from us as her parents, knowing we are here to support. She's not afraid to express herself.

Candice L., Mother of Client

With life coaching, I can unlock negative emotions and stress and find my way to the good things.

Miyah R., 10-year-old Client

As a result of life coaching, my son is accountable. He is in a place of peace. I see him soaring completely. He is sharing from a lit up place.

Nikcole C, Mother of Client

The benefits of working with me as a Coach for your child:

  • Increased confidence and creativity
  • Increased ability to create options for themselves in challenges
  • Increased focus for academic motivation and independent learning
  • Quicker homework or other task completion times
  • Stress management for less negative self-talk
  • Conscious technology use

The benefits for you as a parent or caregiver:

  • Tools for supporting your child in his/her/their life journey
  • More time and space to enjoy your child
  • Energy to be the parent or caregiver you enjoy  

Summer Soul Coaching

"The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step." - Lao Tzu

Are you new to coaching and want to give it a try? Get a splash of 1-on-1 coaching today with Summer Soul Coaching. In these three sessions, we focus on helping you reach one attainable goal and increasing your joy. Commitment is not required after 3 sessions.

For Kids 10 to 19

This plan can help kids

  • Activate their spiritual and mental strengths in times of challenge
  • Improve their self-talk
  • Use their emotions as resources to take action

Your child will receive three (3) 60-minute sessions of renewal with a next-level genius plan. Times may vary for older kids.

Order Summary
Summer Soul Coaching for Kids

For Adults 20+

This plan can help adults

  • Increase their relaxed confidence as parents
  • Influence their children using less words
  • Manage negative self-talk, stress, and reduce anxiety

You will experience three (3) 60-minute sessions of renewal with a next-level genius plan. These sessions can also be adapted for adults without children.

Order Summary
Summer Soul Coaching for Adults