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Have you ever turned down your light to make others warm and comfortable? I have! Now that I know the benefit of turning and keeping my light on, I inspire women to do the same. I help women access the truth and beauty of who they are so they can transform their darkest moments into their greatest blessings. I also help young dads ignite their healing presence so they can support their children's development. If you're ready to do the work to see yourself at a new level in your life, I am the Life Coach for you!

R.O.R.E. Professional Life Coaching REVIEWS

"I embraced the unknown. I opened myself up to learning and allowed myself to be vulnerable. I'm allowing myself to be more confident, respected, and trusting of life's processes."

N. Cunningham

Business Owner and Social Worker 

"I know that I am not alone. People can want the best for you and not want anything in return."

M. McCants

Business Owner

"I was at a crossroad of being angry and hurt, wondering when God would bring relief. I'm embracing myself and letting go of the crap I'm used to. I have more appreciation for myself and seeing myself.

A. Ajisebutu

Entrepreneur and Creative


First, I listen.

I’ll start with listening to who you are and what's important to you.

Then, I learn.

We’ll talk about your goals and how you want to achieve them.  

Lastly, we lead.

As your Professional Life Coach, I "walk with you" as you discover yourself to reach your highest potential. I do not advise you, ask you why, or give you "shoulds." Our collaborative conversation helps you remove your barriers to unleashing your greatness.

Hear yourself RORE!

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