Realizing Our Riches and Excellence (R.O.R.E.) Life Coaching

Summer Soul for Families

With Ashley M. Blanco

Did you know that this summer is projected to be the comeback summer for families all over the country? Amusement parks, beaches, festivals, and resorts will be full of families who have had to postpone their plans due to a global pandemic. But here's the thing: it takes skill to be present to enjoy ourselves and one another. If you want to prepare your family to enjoy a new-level of wellness, exuberance, and togetherness this summer, this experience is for you!

This tailored experience is designed to help you succeed in reaching your family vision. You will discover culturally-relevant, healing-centered, and heart-strengthening tools for your family's wellness.

Your family is worth every investment!

Order Summary
Family Summer School

Program Features

This program is designed with your family in mind.



Every family member is unique and contributes to the vibrancy of the family. This program will help your family skillfully engage with each other from a place of your strengths.



This program helps family members create more meaningful opportunities to enjoy one another, address challenges, and strengthen the love within the family.



Together, we will create a roadmap for helping your family identify strength-building moments for wellness and joy. This also creates a reserve for resilience and resourcefulness during the hard times.

This program is designed around your schedule and includes two (2) hours of live family coaching and self-study materials in between coaching sessions.

Order Summary
Family Summer School

Program Benefits

Increased Personal Enjoyment of Self and Family

Increased ability to manage stress and anxiety

Improve your compassionate information processing ability

Decrease feelings that can negatively impact your nervous system, immune system, and cardiovascular system

Order Summary
Family Summer School

This program is for you if

  • You want your family to increase their spiritual, mental, and emotional care of one another.
  • You want your family to learn more ways to connect with each other while doing rather than reading another article or Instagram post.
  • You want your family to sharpen their skills for next-level living and wealth creation.

Your joy awaits you!

"I know I have too many people in my heart when I can't love the people I love the most."

- Bodhi, 11 (San Francisco, CA)

"One thing I am leaving with is letting my emotions drop instead of holding them inside of me."

- Joscelyn, 11

(Arlington, VA)

"I'm leaving with the heart activity and knowing how much space in my heart I can give people.

- Jsh'Aan, 9 (Belmopan, Belize)