In-Person Coaching 

I help teams improve their attentional control for the results they want to experience while working with children.

Coaching is about equipping ourselves for next-level being and doing, next level greatness.

Here are a few reasons why coaching is for your team:

You are interested in your team expanding to their next-level.

You are ready to partner with a professional who will help you integrate the multidimensionality of your team with their well-being to create purpose-driven results. You also realize you don't have to do this important work alone.

You know that life has more than stress, trauma, and oppression. Your team is doing the heart work. You're want to equip them experiences that help them do the heart work with more ease.

Can you relate?

Training Topics for Organizations Include

Let's Grow Together: Managing Classroom Stress to Recognize Classroom Growth

Strengthening Small Group Dynamics: Building Rapport

Building Confidence for Resolving Conflict

Driving Change from Within: Developing Emotional Intelligence for Clear Messaging and Aligned Youth Programs

Unpacking the Overworked Mind: Reducing Stress with Emotional Agility and Cognitive Flexibility