Virtual & In-Person Coaching 

I can help people and organizations change the way they see themselves so they can get the results they want to experience.

Coaching is less about crisis and more about equipping ourselves for next-level being and doing.

Here are a few reasons why coaching is for you:

You are interested in expanding to the next-level best, whether it be for your child, you, or your organization.

You are ready to partner with a professional who will help you integrate the magnificence of who you are with your well-being to create purpose-driven results in all areas of your life. You also realize you don't have to do this important work alone.

You know that life has more for you than stress, trauma, and oppression. You are ready to increase your Peaceful Presence and apply it to fulfilling and actionable results.

Can you relate?

“I just want to say THANK YOU. I absolutely loved [this experience] and am so grateful you are doing this work. My daughter has not been able to open up. After your class, she was talkative and wants to continue to do this work."

Adrienne R., Mother of 2, Martinez, CA

Which type of coaching is best for you?

Summer Soul

Kids Life Coaching invigorates and activates kids of all ages, adults included, to live their best life now


Summer Soul Family Life Coaching invigorates and activates families to grow together in wellness, wisdom, and mutuality

Summer Soul Coaching for organizations

helps them help their staff overcome toxic stress, burnout, and vicarious trauma

Are you ready to live a new chapter in your story?