Helping Children And Teens Unlock Their Success To Meet The Moment With The Fullness Of Their Brilliance


What Ashley helps you accomplish

  • Increased confidence and competencies through emotional processing, goal-setting, play, skill-building, and self-observation.
  • Energized emotional and psychological outlooks through reframing challenges as opportunities towards reaching next-level goals.
  • Sharper executive functioning skills through relaxation and culturally-relevant heart-brain coherence tools.

Ashley's helps children and teens unlock their success through mental fitness and emotional wellbeing. She uses her S.H.I.N.E. framework to help kids build tolerance for challenging tasks and attentional control. With these skills, young people improve their self-awareness, self-expression, self-knowledge, and their relationships with peers and adults.

She has worked with hundreds of children and families from a variety of backgrounds in the past 15 years. Her previous experiences include serving as a Family Support Specialist in San Francisco Unified School District; a Case Manager and Program Coordinator at Hunters Point Family; a Children's Ministry Director at Glad Tidings Church in San Francisco; and an Afterschool Teacher and Tutor at Alice Fong Yu Elementary.

Ashley is a San Francisco native with Garifuna roots in Trujillo, Honduras. She is an optimist, nature lover, proud Howard University Alumna, and a proud Brown University Alumna.

A Little More About Ashley

As a child, Ashley was vibrant, curious, and loving. But her own adverse childhood and adolescent experiences reduced her ability to "bounce back" from emotionally diminishing life events. A life of poverty, stress, and trauma sent her on a journey of seeking status. The pursuit of status affected her post-secondary experiences and what she thought was possible for herself as an adult.

The emotional pain she carried into adulthood propelled her to discover the unconditional value of who she was outside of her trauma. It also taught her how to reimagine her resilience so that she could live happier, and better serve the children, youth, and families in her care. With this knowledge and experience, she has become a trusted practitioner by families, nonprofit organizations, and schools to lead young people

Ashley's coaching style inspires young people to activate their autonomic nervous systems for change that is evident in their time management, relationships, grades, and school-life-community activities.

Proof of Concept: Training Highlights

Over the course of 18 months, Ashley has worked with foster care youth in Northern California on building emotional intelligence through social learning. Take a look at how activities in trust-building, play, and activating the mind-body connection ignites confidence and fosters collaboration.

I just want to say THANK YOU. I absolutely loved [this experience] and am so grateful you are doing this work. My daughter has not been able to open up. After your class, she was talkative and wants to continue to do this work.

Adrienne R., Martinez, CA, Mother of 2


Say Less: How To Chill While Your Child Builds Their Executive Functioning Skills

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When Ashley started working with my son he was reluctant to complete homework and it was a nightly battle.  Not fun for anybody in the house.  She listened to him and earned his trust. This opened the door for her to help him understand the connection between his thoughts and his actions.  He has been able to build on the concepts he learned with Ashley."

Danielle W., San Lorenzo, CA, Mother of 3

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