Ashley M. Blanco

I help families and service providers access their joy for spiritual clarity to help kids thrive.

What is accessing joy? And why focus on it?

Accessing joy is the practice of uncovering our natural exuberance for purposeful living that gets buried in perpetual stress, trauma, and burnout.

With anxiety and depression rates doubling in the last year in the United States, there is a strong desire for people to feel whole while doing the work they love. This work includes parenting children; providing services to children and youth; and even re-parenting the inner child.

Accessing joy is the groundwork for training our strengths to create the conditions for optimal well-being. Spiritually and emotional healthier adults helps children grow into thriving, contributing community members.

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Did you know you can neutralize conflict and benefit from its potentially positive effect? I will share 3 barriers to conflict resolution and how to remove them for increased self-awareness and mental ease.


With everything happening in the world, we can often get rigid and tight in our approach to one another. I will share the 3 barriers to resolving conflict at work and how to be more courageous for effective conversations.


"I am discovering a new level of commitment to myself and everything that aligns with my vision."

- Christina (San Francisco, CA)

"I see myself for who I was and who I am becoming, free from lies. I got my voice back."

– Patty (El Salvador)

"We need to take time to ourselves and the type of questions Ashley asks us. We don’t always take the time to ask ourselves important questions."

- Lisa (San Francisco, CA)


As an Education Architect, Master Certified Life Coach, and Author, I enjoy creating spaces for healing, joy, genius, and innovation. I'm all about GLOWing! GLOW is an acronym for the vibrational methodology of 'growing in love, opportunity, and wonder.' Helping women and men GLOW through life adds to our collective act of persistence in the face of adversity and internalized oppression. In my last 11 years of working in community with amazing women and men like you, I have encountered the power of everyday leaders who lead from wholeness, with love.  

My dedication to treating people with dignity, kindness, and grace was born out of my earliest childhood and adolescent experiences. Growing up in a low-income household with chronically emotionally distressed parents put a strain on our family’s ability to flourish spiritually and economically. The violence, poverty, isolation, and trauma we experienced created an instability that led to years of me feeling inferior and emotionally unhealthy. I tried to escape my pain by being helpful to others. But that didn’t work for me. It only led to me feeling used and abused.

Now I use what I've overcome to ignite others to live lives of passion, courage, discipline, and wisdom.  

And the journey is only beginning...

Rise and Thrive services are most effective for women and men who  

  • Want to experience more joy, love, and fulfillment  
  • Feel stuck or scattered and don't know why
  • Are ready to live alive while helping others do the same 

Being the change you want to see in the world can start with seeing yourself as the miracle you are.

My book of short stories will help you see yourself as the miracle God made you to be.


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Rise and Thrive Youth Development fuses youth development principles with culturally responsive facilitation into a healing-centered collaborative setting. Participants range from middle school-aged children to college aged-adults. Topics include but are not limited to identity, resilience, healing natural confidence and competencies, and purposeful civic engagement.



Rise Where You Are Wednesday Group Coaching helps participants ACE the start of the week. ACE stands for ‘access your authentic voice, cultivate your confidence, and experience belonging. Together, we practice owning our energy and directing it towards becoming a healing presence in a hurting world. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Rise and Thrive Women is an in-person interactive setting for integrating spiritual, psychological, and social concepts for living our best lives. The environment helps women to strengthen their relationship with themselves and sharpen transferable skills across multiple areas including personal lives, relationships, workplace culture and climate, and community. 

Spirit Willing, we will reconvene in Summer 2022. 

Ashley Blanco is a Certified Professional Life Coach with a Globally Accredited Certification from an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited Institution. Rise and Thrive LLC services are Christ- and African-centered in its approach to support clients in their relationship with God, themselves, and others. The emphasis on self supports the believer in harmonious spiritual living. The negligence of self while trying to glorify God and live according to divine teaching can create imbalance in the mind, body, spirit.